Meredith Lorenzen is a Baltimore-born designer living and working in Brooklyn.  Like any good New Yorker, she has designed absurdly small spaces, lived with a refrigerator in her living room, and has generally let the city be her classroom for space-maximization 101.

After graduating from Trinity College with a BA in painting, Meredith moved to New York and completed the AAS interior design program at Parsons School of Design.   She then worked for Darren Brown Interior Design on residential projects in the greater New York area, and for Brooklyn Art Space managing the studio and curating shows in the gallery.  At Eli Dweck Designs, a busy residential firm focusing on large-scale projects in Brooklyn and New Jersey, she was a designer and project manager.  In her current role at Ben Herzog Architect, PC, she is heading the interior design of residential renovations and helping the firm's many architects revive the local brownstones she has always adored.

On her own, Meredith enjoys freelancing as only a true design-addict can.  She is particularly inspired by finding the balance of beauty and practicality in a home; how can you live your best in the spaces you have? How can your home reflect you better? How can you get the best bang for your buck? It’s the intersection of reality and fantasy where the really interesting stuff happens.

Let’s make your right-now home into your dream-home.  It’s easier than you think.