I’m a Baltimore-born designer living and working in Brooklyn.  Like any good New Yorker, I have designed absurdly small spaces, lived with a refrigerator in my living room, and generally let the city be my classroom for space-maximization 101. I hate-watch House Hunters along with the best of them.

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I’ve been in the professional design world since 2007, but began as a classic artsy-kid and theater-tech nerd. I was also an a cappella nerd. And an academic nerd. Really, I have all nerd boxes checked by now (ask me how many Magic the Gathering cards my husband owns!). After graduating from Trinity College with a BA in painting, I moved to New York and toyed with the idea of working a gallery. Six months in that world found me wandering more and more often through tile stores, so I enrolled in the AAS interior design program at Parsons School of Design.   At last, I had friends who also wanted to walk into Ann Sacks for no reason. Upon graduating, I worked for Darren Brown Interior Design on residential projects in the greater New York area until the Great Recession ate up everyone’s wallpaper budget and tossed me back into the art world. I found a home in Brooklyn Art Space managing the studio and curating shows in the gallery.  I re-acquainted myself with carpet samples at Eli Dweck Designs, a busy residential firm focusing on high-end projects in Brooklyn and New Jersey.  In my current role at Ben Herzog Architect, PC, I handle the interior design of residential renovations and helping the firm's architects revive the local brownstones I adore. Somebody, please hire Ben for a project in Ditmas so I can add Victorians to my repitoire!

On my own, I try to shoehorn my ravenous design-addiction into a deliciously chaotic life with two little boys. I read design blogs, I buy design magazines, I frighten my cat by moving the furniture too often. I unwind by fantasy real estate shopping, imagining how I would transform a beautiful old house or playing Forensic Floorplans and trying to draw a plan just from realtor photos. Don’t I sound fun? I guess I have other interests and like kids and stuff, but really, my mind wanders again and again to the ways in which good design can enrich your daily life. How can you live better in the spaces you have? How can you get the best bang for your buck? What joyful pockets of your personality could you draw out by changing your environment? Can I interest you in a ceramic greyhound?

It’s the intersection of reality and fantasy where all the good stuff happens.